And the book gets a name….

Naming a book. Whoa, a little daunting. I thought I had to have a title immediately. I racked my brain, lost sleep, and found myself going a little loony wanting that “perfect” title.  Finally I came to the realization that I wanted something simple, something easy to remember, something that captured exactly what the book is striving to be.  There was one title that kept whispering in my ear:


So far, I’ve stuck with this title. It still feels good.  Of course, Stoweaway is a made up word, and it will make sense when someone reads the book.  There will be some people who know me already that understand where “Stoweaway” came from and why, but they will have to read the book to see where it fits in.

When the book finally had a title, I felt more complete. I felt like I was getting somewhere. It’s was stamp on my hard work.  When you tell people that you’re writing a book, one of the first questions is “What’s the name of it?”. I no longer had to say, “I’m not sure” or “I’m still working on it”.  It made the idea of writing a book more absolute and real.

Now that having a title was off my check list and I could move on to bigger things like characterization and plots….Now, that’s another post entirely. Talk about going loony!

Stay tuned and until next time….





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2 responses to “And the book gets a name….

  1. Dad

    I really like the name of your blog page and the name of the book. As I read the blog I can see your brain just a ticking.

  2. Tamara

    Wow, girlfriend this is so cool. I am so happy for you. Great title to the site. Can’t wait to read it.

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