The Creature Staring Back at Me

When I went from casually writing to trying to write a book the ugly creature of habit was staring me in the face.  I was always in the habit of having to be in the right place, in the right mood, and at the right time to write. This is still a struggle for me.  I will admit that being disciplined is hard for me. There are people in my life that I admire so much because they can wake up knowing exactly what their day is going to be like. The list-makers and doers are the envy of my eye. I have always been “go with the flow” and getting organized is hell for me. I’ve gotten better, only because my husband is a ritual, list-making addict. After being married to him for over 3 years it has slowly rubbed off on me and, for that,  I am grateful. However, I don’t think it’s in my nature or character to be very structured.

I am learning to cherish and embrace how I approach writing, but at the same time I have to learn to be in more control and not be an emotional writer. Meaning, not waiting to write until the “mood” hits me. I don’t want to wait to be inspired. I need to push through those barriers and write as much as possible no matter the mood, time, or place. I normally use the excuse of writer’s block, but the more I read other blogs, websites, and articles I see that it’s more a discipline issue. I need to realize that being disciplined doesn’t mean I compromise creativity.

Time to break out of my habit box!! I think my tippy toes are already peeking through because I’ve been writing this as I take down Christmas Tree, doing laundry, and cleaning. Creativity CAN be ongoing.

Until next time…..


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