The Fire That the Pen Started

If you read the “What is this blog about” page, you will know already that I love pens, and I have since I was a little girl. Usually, moms will promise their kids a choice of their favorite candy when they are good in the store, not mine, my mom would let me pick out a pen. I didn’t care if it was just a plain, blue ink Bic. For some reason, I didn’t like black ink.  I always thought I had neater handwriting when I wrote with blue versus black. There’s no logic behind it, but I guess there doesn’t need to be.

This admiration for the simple pen and paper was the start of an internal flame that would lead me to where I am right now, in front of the computer writing. There’s something about putting  pen to paper and creating whatever your heart desires. I wanted so bad to write my book manually, and I actually bought a notebook and labeled it “BOOK”.  And so, there I go, writing away with my favorite pen at the time. Then began a couple of  problems. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to making mistakes while writing. I hate strike-throughs and even if I was only on the first line of the paper, I would start over on a new sheet. Yes, obsessive and wasteful, but true. I know, I know…how about using a pencil. Well, I hate pencils. Then, I realized my pen couldn’t keep up with the flood of thoughts. So begrudgingly, I came to the conclusion it would take me forever to do this by hand and I had to go to the obvious choice, the computer. I don’t know if there are any writers left that still write their books manually, but if there is,  I give them big kudos!

With that being said, I jumped on the computer and began typing away. Oh, the relief!! My word count and motivation sky rocketed.  I also got a Neo. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a small word processor and it’s very light weight so that you can travel with it easily. If I’m just going to the local coffee shop and I want to write while there, I can throw it in my bag instead of my computer. Then it connects via USB cord to transfer your info into your computer. Sorry for the plug, but it’s very handy indeed. Writers need as many tools as possible to make it easy to put their thoughts on paper, and so the lonely pen has taken a backseat to the Neos, computers, voice recorders, etc…

Pens have to be bejeweled and glittery to get our attention now.  Every now and then, the temptation takes over and I have to purchase one. It becomes my list maker, my note taker, and sometimes, my check filler outer (a Southern term for sure). Before I know it I have to take out  all the pens that have gathered at the bottom of my purse and choose ONE to stay with me.  Then the cycle starts all over.

My love of the pen will never die and I will always appreciate the fire of writing it has given me.

Until next time….



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7 responses to “The Fire That the Pen Started

  1. Jenny

    Totally get this! I’m a Pilot Precise Extra Fine in Blue. Congrats to you for keeping up with your writing!

  2. I do the exact same thing… When I make a mistake I have to start over! I also have trouble writing as fast as I think. What would we do without computers?? 🙂

  3. Grammyjudes

    Enjoyed this blog very much!

  4. popthompson

    Great and interesting bloggs

  5. Fran Lewis

    I know exactly how you feel. I love a beautiful flowing fountain pen. Wonderful blog.

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