Digging Deep

Today is the perfect day for me to go where all of us writers have to go every once in a while…DEEP, DEEP, DOWN.   We all strive to write something everyday and when we can’t find the inspiration, it’s like pulling teeth to get a word count of one. Today is one of those days for me. I envy those that can sit at the computer, no matter the situation, and spit out a 1000 word day without blinking or no matter the mood.  I’ve always been a moody writer and to step up my game, I’ve learned that I have to sometimes (actually a lot)  focus harder, dig down deeper, and conquer the temperamental demon of writing.

Before getting focused, I would procrastinate and say, “Well, today isn’t the day for writing””. Yes, I’ve only been doing this a week, but I have to say that I see where blogging has kept me focused and it has held me accountable for the goals I want to reach on a daily basis. It makes me think, makes me write, makes me keep my book front and center of my thoughts. I am very appreciative of this outlet, and I am glad I challenged myself to start this new creative adventure.  Not only is it another way of expressing my love of the  written word, but it also gives me another way to find inspiration.

Sometimes when you dig deep, you find more than you thought you would and the words come together better than if they flowed like a waterfall. I am learning this more and more. I find it exciting. I find it gratifying. This means that no longer are the days of sloughing off  writing because the mood isn’t there. Inspiration comes from deep within sometimes, and now searching for it is more of a fun journey, versus a horrible, word  scavenger hunt.

Embrace the hunt. The reward is better in the end.

Time to go hunting. Until next time….



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5 responses to “Digging Deep

  1. Grammyjudes

    I love reading your blogs and see how much of yourself you put into them. I look forward to each one, because I can see how much you love and want to do this and you want us to come along with you on your exciting adventure.

  2. popthompson

    You are growing so much. For someone that has always had a hyper personality (your nickname of Bubbles fits you to a “t”) you do well to have the consentration to digg deep. To be able to write when you have to “hunt” for words is a desirable attribute. What is really tough is when you have the desire, emotion, great thoughts, and right mood, but the words you want just don’t come. You have always excelled in your passions even when the going was long and tedious. Dad

  3. Tamara

    I love having this experience with you. It is a fun adventure I know for you, but the cool thing is it is a nice adventure for me too. Thanks

  4. I know what you mean about having writer’s block sometimes and needing to dig deep on those days to find the motivation to write. Blogging has been helpful to me too for accountability and it’s a great stress release too!

  5. Chris Weaver

    Nice opening blog Bubs! Very impressive!

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