No Need To Get Forceful!

Let honesty prevail! I’m just not feeling it today. My brain feels cloudy. I’m consumed about the week to come and the to-do list that seems to be getting longer and longer.  I feel a little run down and my thoughts aren’t flowing. It seems that my fiction world is being drowned by real life.  Here’s my opinion on that, “So be it”.

As I’ve stepped up my writing game, I’ve been presented a new challenge of learning how to jump in and out of my “writing head”.  With this challenge, I have a new-found respect for all creative people who share their work with all to see. There seems to be this need for me to force a blog or force my characters a long in the book to say, “I’m getting stuff done”.  In an earlier blog, I mentioned that this is something I try to avoid at all cost. Forced creativity is not what I want to share.

I will say this, although I do not want to force myself to write each day, which the connotation alone may be disturbing my thought process, I do want to be disciplined enough to do so. I was talking to a wonderful artist this past weekend and I wanted to know how she inspires herself each day to work on her artwork. We had a wonderful conversation and I learned some beautiful things from her. One thing she told me was, “No matter what it is, just write something each day. Don’t get bogged down with how much, what it’s about, or whether or not it even makes sense. Just write”.  What wonderful advice. I may have heard it before, but for some reason it coming from her at the time it did was perfect! Thank you my friend!

I guess we all can learn from this advice. No matter your passion, Nike got it right, JUST DO IT!! And for me, it means JUST WRITE!!  Blogging shouldn’t bog me. Characters should wait for my guidance and I need to keep my love of writing as inspiration, not desperation.

On that note, I’m going to step away from this computer and cook a nice meal, love on my dogs and husband. A clear mind will do some good.

Until next time….


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