Nemesis Down

Well, I’m back from a beautiful time in the Dominican. I wish I would have blogged while there, but honestly, my mind wasn’t into it.  In my last posting I promised to work on my synopsis while I was away, and I did. Did I finish? No. It’s becoming a fast enemy of mine. I have come to the decision that I need to do some research on how to approach the synopsis of Amelia’s Stoweaway. Sometimes, reading and learning about something is better than “winging” it (which I do a lot). So, I will continue to work on it and I will keep you posted.

My time away wasn’t a complete wash. I FINALLY decided how the book will end. That was my never-ending nemesis. I have struggled with this for so long and while I was on the flight down to Punta Cana, I looked over to my best friend and said, “I need to make this happen. I need to find my ending”. So I closed my eyes and just started talking. I began to imagine my characters, feeling their emotions, and it all came together within minutes. I immediately got out my computer and began typing away. It’s amazing how something can hang over your head for so long and then, suddenly, the fog clears.

Now that I have the “The End” in sight, it’s time to pull it all together and give my fingers a nice workout on the computer. I’m excited about the weeks to come. I will be putting in overtime to give my first born book it’s life. I have a lot to learn in the coming days, weeks, and months. I look forward to sharing with you my experiences. I also look forward to giving more insight into the book.  Please stick with me and I hope you will share your thoughts, feelings, advice, and criticism.

I have been climbing a big mountain and I’m almost to the top. I haven’t looked back yet and I can’t wait to take a deep breath and see the lovely view once I’m there. I won’t be able to stay long to revel in what I see because I will have to climb back down. Editing, rejections, re-writes, etc….but man, will I learn so much. Before I know it, I will be working my way up another mountain to see another view. It is a long and winding, writing road.

Until next time….


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