One Is Not Enough

I never thought that when I first started writing Amelia’s Stoweaway that I would want to make a series of it.  Getting through one book sounds like a huge feat, but keeping the story going through a series seems mountainous!  But as I started writing, I realized that I could keep Amelia’s story going and I kept thinking of future storylines. So, I decided that I will not stop at one book. I will have an Amelia Livingston Series. I questioned whether or not I should go for such a big adventure for my first go around with writing. But if you know me, then you know, of course I will go for it! Dive in head first. It’s more fun that way.

The hardest part about this is, when I end Amelia’s Stoweaway I have to do so in a way that will leave the reader satisfied and yet wanting to come back for more. I don’t want the reader yelling at me when the last page comes around. This has been part of my struggle with tying up the book in a nice tight bow, but yet leaving it open for more to come.

My favorite part of doing a series is that I can think in future tense. I get excited about where my characters will go and what will happen. I hope you as a reader will feel the same. I know when  I read a series I want the author  to know when to stop and say goodbye to those characters and end the storyline. I promise to pay attention to this so that it doesn’t get boring or dull. It will end with a bang. There’s no other way to do it!

One thing I don’t want to do is get in a rut of only thinking in “Amelia Livingston”. So I know I will have to challenge myself to work on other plots and storylines.  I will cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, I want to create characters that people love, or love to hate. I want you to want more. I want the readers to find themselves in one of my characters or at least feel that these characters could be in their lives. This is very important to me.

I say if you you’re going to do something, do it big, but not so much where you lose sight of what your goal is. Never forget about the passion that sparked the ambition and never lose yourself in the process.

Until next time….



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