The Setting Visualized

I’m in Stowe, VT as I write this.

For those of you that know me, or you’re a friend of mine on Facebook and/or following me on Twitter, you may know that I have home in Stowe, VT. For those of you that don’t know me, well, I have a home in Stowe, VT, and it’s a very special place to me. It’s a very quite home, in a very quite village.

My love of Stowe,Vermont  jump-started everything. It’s where I picked up my pen and started my writing journey. So I thought it would be nice to share the reason I fell in love with this beautiful town and state..

The seasons are so very distinct and I love them all.

Spring mornings are cool and brisk and the afternoons are warm enough to sit outside for lunch. The rec path, with its beautiful bridges, follows a river that runs down Mountain Rd. and it gets busy with walkers, joggers, and bikers. The mountains start sprouting their spring-green color and the brown patches begin to fill in. Summer is a relief from the southern sun. The temps can be warm and sometimes hot, but that is rare. The grass is as green as any green you’ve ever seen. Sometimes when the storms roll in,  it’s feel like you’re in the middle of it because of  how low the clouds come down over the mountains.  Fall can be summed up in one word, SPECTACULAR. The temperatures are just right. Rainy, autumn days are better done Vermont style. The smells and sounds of nature are unreal! Then there’s the foliage. No matter where you’ve been to see foliage, and you thought, “Wow, this is beautiful”, it doesn’t compare to VT or, for that matter, New England. But of course, I’m partial.  The colors up here are vivid, deep, rich, bright, and when you put them all together, it’s truly like a kaleidoscope. Winters are like a beautiful, winter postcard. For some, it would be too cold or too snowy, but not for me. Being from South Carolina, I’m like a little kid when the first flake falls. Winter brings an excitement to the air of Stowe. Skiers and snowboarders are everywhere. You can see locals and tourist mingling together in the restaurants and bars talking about how good the runs were that day, or not. And the holidays here are unbelievably special, straight off  the front of a Christmas Card.

So, as you can see, Stowe is a wonderful place to be no matter what season it is. But it’s not just the seasons, it’s the people of Vermont. There’s creativity everywhere. Locals supporting locals….artists, musicians, farmers, store owners and on and on. There’s a togetherness that I’ve never seen before. When you go into the grocery store, big or small, the local products are front and center. I know there are other wonderful places like this out there, but I’ve never experienced it before. It has changed the way I live, even when I’m not here.

This small, quaint place is a big part of my writing world and there’s been so much created here. I can only imagine, as time moves on, that the memories created here will fuel many plots and characters. As I walk the village, eat at a restaurant, meet the locals and tourists, I’m writing in my head….so who knows what it may produce!

When you read “Amelia”, I hope these words will help you visualize the place that re-lit the fire in my pen.

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books. ”  ~ John Lubbock

Until next time…


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