“Your Destination Is Ahead”

I want to give a quick update on where I am with the book.  I’ve been working on it fast and furiously and I’ve been listening harder to where my characters want to go. I used to be very patient with them, but it’s time to ramp things up and get this done. I’m anxious to type the last word, and by the way, the last sentence of a book is SUPER challenging to write. I have no clue what the last chapter will reveal, and I’m just as anxious to know as I hope the readers will be while they are reading it.  What’s exciting is that I will know sooner than later!

I will be leaving for a wonderful trip to Italy on March 2nd and will be traveling through March 12th. There will be a lot of time spent on planes, trains, and buses. It is my full intention to use this time wisely and write, write, write. I would love to get on the return flight home having the book done, and then use that long flight doing some editing! That would be perfect!!

So here it is. I’m setting a goal of being done by March 12th, and I’m saying it LOUD!  A goal spoken, is something hard and tangible. It forces me to stay focused. I have to keep distraction free, which will be tough while traveling, but I need to use it as an opportunity and not a hindrance. Italy will be inspirational and I will be in a can-do state of mind!

This long, writing road is leading me to my  final destination and  I am getting very excited.  I know there will be many speed bumps ahead, but I’m going over the speed limit to reach my goal.  When I need to slow down so that I can listen and learn, my break is close by. There’s no fault in down shifting to make the final outcome as good as it should be.

There will be much to do after the final word is typed. That’s where I will be taking a completely different road and the sun will be shining in my eyes. I have no clue what to expect and the anticipation of learning about self-publishing and marketing is very intriguing to me. I’m not scared about it. I have wonderful support from family and friends, which means the world to me! And all the support on the social media networks astounds me. Thanks to all of you!! I have learned so much and I know that will continue through my journey!

I can see myself on one of those modes of transportation in Italy, both fists pumping in the air ecstatically, tears in my eyes, and then I look at my husband and say, “It’s done. I have arrived at my destination.”  Now that’s what I call victory. We will then buy a wonderful bottle of Italian wine (Amarone for sure) and then eat some marvelous, yummy pasta, followed by a wonderful dessert.  There can’t be a better way to finish such a special part of this journey!!

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted!

“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”  ~Winston Churchill~

Until next time…



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3 responses to ““Your Destination Is Ahead”

  1. Jen

    Congrats on your near completion! I’m sure Italy will be the place to inspire your finish (although I think I would have a hard time focusing on work rather than eating!!-JEALOUS!!).
    I love your visualization of telling Chris its finished. I can see it in my head 🙂 And, ultimately, what better family and friends to help out with Marketing LOL!
    Congrats girl! I CANNOT WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK!!!! It’s going to be fabulous, I know it!

  2. Jr and Sarah

    I have literally been anticipating the ending since I started reading your blogs! I can not wait and I am excited for the next one already. I love to read and I really love series! Congratulations! I can’t imagine the work you have put into this! Have fun in Italy~

  3. Tamara

    Hey babe! What a great thing to read. You make something spark inside of me and I don’t even know what it is. Thanks for that. I love the quote at the end from winston churchill. Reminds me of the boys…

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