And The Red Continues….

I’d like to give an update on the editing and revising that I’ve been tackling over the last couple of weeks. The process has been eye-opening to say the least. For some reason, I didn’t think that I would want or need to revise to the extent that I have. I knew there would be things I would need to fix in terms of punctuation, misspelled words, phrasing, etc… But I have taken paragraphs out and added new ones, or left them out completely. I’ve changed names, attributes, and actions of characters. None of the revisions have compromised the story line; I’ve made sure of that. It’s a matter of improving the end result, not changing it completely.

There’s a lot more to this part of the journey that I won’t bore you with, but I will tell you that editing is a brutal process. As I read the manuscript, I feel like I question everything I’ve written. “Should I keep the sentence? Should I keep or change that paragraph? Is the story flowing nicely? Is the chapter transitions too choppy?” It’s like grading your own paper, and hoping when you’re done, you can give yourself an “A”.

I’ve realized that I can’t honestly say when I’ll cap the red pen and move on to the step. The last time I posted, I thought I could.  However, I think I owe it to myself and the future readers, to spend the appropriate amount of time making sure the finished product is where I want it to be.  I’ve put almost 3 years into writing the book, so I think it’s respectable to spend more than three weeks editing and revising it.

I will leave quick updates on Facebook and Twitter, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer when I can blog about moving on to the next part of this wonderful, winding, writing  journey!

Until next time….



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4 responses to “And The Red Continues….

  1. Nice to know everyone struggles with this process. In my own writing, I find it hard to cross out words once I have them on the page, but as brutal as it feels, we have to do it for the sake of the final product.
    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for posting.

    • It has been hard to cross out words, sentences, and even paragraphs, but it seems to be all a part of the process and will hopefully make a better story in the end!

      I’m glad you enjoy my blog. It’s pretty simple, but honest.


  2. You know you’re almost done when you spend more time crossing out then putting in.

  3. I imagine you’re still elbow deep in revisions, but if you want to come up for a breath of fresh air, on April 17th at I’m having the launch party for my online novel, ORDINARY. 🙂 I’d love to invite you.

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