On My Second Red Pen

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on my editing progress, so here it goes.

Editing is brutal. It’s time-consuming. It’s revealing. It’s eye-opening.

Why did I think it would easier than it is? I’m questioning everything, and the most frustrating part is, I see where it will never be exactly the way I want it. I’m not only scrutinizing my book, but I’m constantly scrutinizing myself and my talent. What if it just isn’t good enough? I feel so vulnerable, which I guess, keeps me honest in my writing. I believe you have to respect your own vulnerability to grow.

I also want to share that, during this process, I have made the decision to change the title of the book. I have decided to simply title it,  “Amelia”.  I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months and it feels right to change it. Editing a title that’s been with me since the beginning was a little hard, but it makes sense and I feel good about it.  Once I send the book to a professional editor they may want to change it again and I will be all ears!

I can only imagine that when I get a professional editor they will rip things apart and bring me down from the “finished book” high I’ve been on. I will grow thick skin, real fast. I look forward to hearing a professional’s opinions, remarks, and suggestions, but I know the criticism will be jarring. That’s the way it goes, and it’s the only way I will get better at this thing called writing a novel!

Stick with me! This is not an easy task. I appreciate all the advice and nice words. It keeps ink my pen!! Hmm…. I wonder how many red pens I will have to buy??

Until next time…



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3 responses to “On My Second Red Pen

  1. I’ve been published…and edited many times, then add being reviewed which is read by many. 1) The editing is not about you, or a judgement about you. It’s about how to perfect your work. Grammar editing–not so bad. Remarks about the style, theme and merits of the book–can be difficult. Each time it happens, look at the advice offered and decide if you agree…again, the editing is their opinion, which again is to perfect the book, not to put it down. 2) Imagine a not so good review that is in a newspaper–all the people who will read that. Any publicity is good publicity.
    If, when you get your manuscript back and if you need moral support, feel free to contact me–rbryant224@att.net.

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