A Major Change Makes For A Better Book

Yesterday morning I was sitting at one of my favorite bakeries in Stowe, getting ready for a call with my editor. I took my notes and coffee outside where the sun was shining bright and the temperature was perfect. It was only the second time I had spoken with my editor voice to voice, so I was feeling a little anxious. The phone rang and from the moment I answered, the conversation rolled along with ease. When we were done with Amelia related items, we ended on a personal note, which was nice. As I was putting away my notes, I felt a sense of relief and also excitement for what I had learned during the 30 minute phone call.

The rest of the day, my mind was reeling with ideas and I couldn’t get the phone call out of my head. As a result of the conversation, I’ve decided to completely change one of the storylines in the book. This will require a lot of re-writes from the beginning of the book and all the way through out, which means I’ll have to go back and re-edit what I just got through editing. It’s going to take a lot of time, but it’s going to be well worth it to make Amelia a better book.

I’m not sure what approach I’m going to take to make the changes. I have no clue what the new storyline is going to be. I’m going to spend some serious mind-time and pen-to-paper time to make sure it all comes together. It’s time to get creative and let my imagination run wild. That’s the fun part of this process. You would think having to make a major change would be stressful and aggravating, but it’s actually a relief to realize that the changes are absolutely necessary to make the book what it should be. I was struggling with this part of the storyline the whole time I was writing the book, and with my editor’s help, the decision to change it was an easy one.

I learned a lot yesterday, and I will share more of that in other posts, but one of the major lessons learned was, never be scared of change. It could be the difference between a good book and a great book. Now it’s time to move forward with editing the rest of Amelia, while also re-writing the change. A challenge indeed, but who said writing a book is easy.

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  1. popthompson

    Never get rushed, we all have a tendency to “get it done”. Learn to appreciate the time you GET to spend on your writting. If you feel like you are getting behind….simply take more time! The time you spend writting should be a desire, not a duty. No, it won’t always be easy, it will always be emotional, and when it is finished there will be a little saddness. That is when the next book is born in your thoughts.

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