Going Silent on LONG ROAD HOME

Encouragement and discouragement can come from many places. What we do with encouragement can take us to high places, but once we let discouragement in, we go crashing to the ground. Writing a novel is a roller coaster of emotions. One day, I feel like I love my story and I’m doing a great job. Then the next day, I hate it and feel I’ll never be good enough to be published. Lately, I’ve been on the discouraging end of the writing process.

I’ve been writing, editing, and re-writing Long Road Home for over four years. I’ve spent thousand and thousand of hours writing and working on this story, yet I’m still no where close to being done. It’s not ready to see the world and I question whether it ever will be. The expectation for good writing and a good story is set so high that I definitely question myself and my ability to please the reader. Yes, I like it, but that’s not enough. 

I’m not giving up. I will always work on Long Road Home, but I’ve made a decision to work on it silently. Please don’t take this wrong, but I’m done with sharing the process. I will still write blog posts, but they won’t be about writing my first novel. They’ll be about my simple love of writing, and most definitely, about those things that drive me crazy about writing.

I was about to throw Long Road Home in a drawer and give up on it for good. I was completely frustrated, torn down, and lost… not only about the story itself, but also about my ability to write a good story. Then I got the best, most simple, advice from my husband. He said, “Follow your heart.” And that’s what I’m going to do. My heart is in this story, so I’m going to continue to work on it, but I’m going to do so silently. Not talking about or blogging about my novel is a personal decision, and it’s not a bad thing, but more of an introspective thing.

I hope to one day speak and write about my novel with a loud and proud voice, but until then, I look forward to blogging about many other writerly topics and I hope you’ll still follow and support this progressing writer.

Until next time…



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4 responses to “Going Silent on LONG ROAD HOME

  1. What I learned about my ms #1–which I’m still proud of, dangit!–is that I couldn’t have written ms #2 without it. I don’t mean that in the usual sense writers use to tell you to move on to #2. I mean that I spent so fricking long in the world of #1, fell SO in love with my characters, knew them and breathed them (I’m sure you can say the same of yours) that I vowed never to shelve it, because it’d feel like killing something I birthed. So I kept on and got some good requests out of it, but nobody bit. In the midst of my heartache and constant tweaking and revising, I realized one of my non-protag characters had a huge story of his own to tell (a stand alone prequel). I got to stay in the world I’d become familiar with and stay in the head space of the people I could pick out of a line up while blindfolded. That story could NEVER have been written without #1. Never. I still haven’t given up on #1, of course, if nothing else, I see it as a bonus e-book to readers, should #2 be picked up (or, even better, an agent will help me make it something sale-able one day).

    Have you entertained the idea of picking up your story from another character’s p.o.v.? Never let your doubting-self bully your real-self into believing that ms #1 was for naught. It wasn’t and never will be. See you back on Twitter, my #twitterfailgang friend. 🙂

    • Thank you for your thoughtful response! I’m going to stay the course and keep plugging away! I don’t think I could write it from another character’s POV. The whole story is about Amelia’s (my MC) journey. However, I’ve never given that angle a thought. I should play around with it. Again, thank you for your response. 🙂

  2. Good for you! Do what is best for you.

  3. There’s a reason I mostly blog about cooking these days. I sent my first novel-length MS (well, the 50th or so rewrite because I like the character, I just haven’t quite figured out the right story) to a beta. It’s been a month or two and I already want to rewrite the darn thing.

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