Reassessing Life


Reassessing your life– how often do you do it? Do you ever sit back and think hard about what’s important or not important to you?

Things change in life. People change. Therefore, our priorities change.

Taking stock of our lives is so important. It’s crucial for us to know who we are inside, where we’re going with our lives, and how we’re going to go about reaching our life’s dreams and goals.

Recently, I’ve done a lot of thinking, meditating, and soul-searching– reaching deep inside myself and looking beyond the surface of everyday life. Listening to myself. Finding peace. Eliminating drama. Finding happiness in simplicity. Letting go of negativity. Ridding myself of chaos. Canceling out the loud. Enjoying the quiet.

I have to tell you, it’s an amazing thing. It’s cleansing. It’s freeing. It’s necessary.

I’m learning to love my positive traits and accept my negative ones. There are lessons in our faults. We all have them. I used to try to explain them away. Justify them. Apologize for them. Not anymore. I will hold them close, and try to improve, but never will I think less of myself because of them.

Happiness means different things to different people. I wish for all who read this, you fill your life with happiness and love. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Release bitterness and breathe in love.

There’s joy in putting out positive light and enjoying life in all its beauty. May we all find that joy.

Love to you all.

Until next time…



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4 responses to “Reassessing Life

  1. Lisa

    This is a lovely post. Can’t wait to read your book..

  2. I enjoyed your post. Time to think about what is important for us to carry into next year with us, leaving the bad behind. Good thoughts.

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