A Year of Positive Words

A new year has arrived. We often look at it as a clean slate. New goals. New adventures. New achievements. New obstacles.

I’ve given lots of thought on one thing I want to do for personal improvement. Just one, you ask? Yes. Just one. There are many I strive to work on daily, but I want to focus hard on one particular thing that’ll challenge me.

Since I have a love of words, I’ve decided to tie it to the words that come out of my mouth. Words are powerful. They can change someone’s day– positively or negatively. Kind, compassionate, loving, uplifting words can do wonders for those we interact with each day. On the other hand, we can bring someone down, make them sad, and/or hurt them with mean, unthoughtful, careless words– whether it be to their face or behind their back.

Negative words stick with us. They linger and hover over us like a black storm cloud. We can all remember times when someone has called us a name, pointed our weaknesses over and over, said something to us with malice intent– plain, hurtful words. It’s crushing.


My personal improvement goal for 2015 is to not speak to others, or about others, in negative or hurtful ways. I want a year of positivity, compassion, empathy, softness, love, and peace. One way I can create that kind of environment for myself, and those around me, is with what comes out of my mouth.

If what I say about someone can’t be positive, or at least neutral, I will refrain from saying it. If I slip, or completely fall off the positive word wagon, I’ll put a quarter for each negative thing I say in my “negative word jar” (I’ll be sure to share pictures of the jar as the year moves along). Hopefully, at the end of the year, my jar of quarters won’t be worth much.

So, let the challenge begin!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Until next time…


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One response to “A Year of Positive Words

  1. I think that’s the perfect goal! The thing that I hate about New Years is everyone making New Years Resolutions that they never meet because they overwhelm themselves.

    Plus, this is a wonderful thing to strive toward. 🙂

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