Some will take every chance they can to point your weaknesses, instead of your strengths.

Some want to lower you, so they can appear above you.

Some won’t celebrate your accomplishments, but will definitely relish in your failures.

Some will call you a name, one that’s so far from who you really are, that it proves they don’t know you like you thought they did.

Some won’t reach out to you when you’re hurting and going through a difficult time, but will definitely show up when things are fabulous.

Some never see your tears or hear your breaking heart.


These “some” are the cause for silence and exiting. These “some” need to know you take your shortcomings head-on and are quite aware of every single one of your faults.  Seriously, every single fault is burned in the memory, especially after being pointed out on more than two or three occasions. These “some” need to know you admit to being part of the unraveling. Yep, absolutely. Absofreakinglutely.

Life is too short to feel less-than in any relationship. Keep hold of the good memories and let go of the negatives. But, in doing that, you may have to move on. A broken heart can heal, but the scars may not be strong enough to keep things going.

This is okay. Life changes and people change.

If they are so very exhausted, and they feel so strangled by the friendship/relationship, why should you stay?

Don’t hold onto bitterness. Don’t hold onto anger. Breathe in positivity, and release the negative that’s weighing you down.

Give forgiveness. Accept forgiveness. And, believe it or not, sometimes, the asking and receiving of forgiveness is silent.

Until next time…

Everyday mediation:

Love life. Be Kind. Be genuine. Eliminate the negative, false, and vain. Peace, love, and happiness to all. 



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3 responses to “Some.

  1. wallacecass

    So much truth in this article. I’ve discovered recently that with some people out there, it’s better to filter what’s shared because if they’re not trying to keep you from progressing, they’re trying to take over so they can steal the credit. Anyway, good post. 🙂

  2. Great words, Amy, and again relatable, I am certain, by pretty much everyone. xox

  3. Reblogged this on Alice White Author and commented:
    Great words be friend and fellow author Amy Weaver, and again totally relatable, I am certain, by pretty much everyone. xox

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