Tell Me About This Blog

This blog is simple. It’s about my journey as a writer.

I’m working on a holiday trilogy and the first book, The Christmas Key, will hopefully be published Fall of 2017.

I will blog about the highs, the lows, and all points in between. In my opinion, writers, authors, and readers should go through the journey together. It makes it easier, and definitely, a lot more fun.

From time to time, I’ll also share personal writings and thoughts.

Please join me. 🙂


5 responses to “Tell Me About This Blog

  1. Lola Gaunt

    Amy, I am so thrilled that you are writing a book. I have thought about it but realize that I am too “stingy” with words when I write – so I decided I’d let other people write and I read! On the average, I read a book a day, of course have favorite authors of which I hope you will become one. Go for the gold, girl – and keep writing.

  2. Loretta Rose

    Hi, I’m a budding writer, as well. I moved here to Chapin, SC in August after living in Ireland for 13 years and I’m looking for a community of writers who inspire each other to WRITE, every day. I look forward to following your travels in writing and self-publishing, as that is the route I’ll be taking to. Any ideas for creative writing workshops in the area?

    • Hi Loretta, nice to meet you!
      Are you on Twitter? That is a wonderful place to find writers that are local and from all over the world. If you don’t do Twitter, let me know, I’ll give you some pointers on using it for the sole purpose of writing, reading, and learning.
      I haven’t found any workshops in the area, but I also haven’t done any extensive research on it.
      Good luck to you in your writing journey.

  3. This is what I looking for! Thank you!

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