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On My Second Red Pen

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on my editing progress, so here it goes.

Editing is brutal. It’s time-consuming. It’s revealing. It’s eye-opening.

Why did I think it would easier than it is? I’m questioning everything, and the most frustrating part is, I see where it will never be exactly the way I want it. I’m not only scrutinizing my book, but I’m constantly scrutinizing myself and my talent. What if it just isn’t good enough? I feel so vulnerable, which I guess, keeps me honest in my writing. I believe you have to respect your own vulnerability to grow.

I also want to share that, during this process, I have made the decision to change the title of the book. I have decided to simply title it,  “Amelia”.  I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months and it feels right to change it. Editing a title that’s been with me since the beginning was a little hard, but it makes sense and I feel good about it.  Once I send the book to a professional editor they may want to change it again and I will be all ears!

I can only imagine that when I get a professional editor they will rip things apart and bring me down from the “finished book” high I’ve been on. I will grow thick skin, real fast. I look forward to hearing a professional’s opinions, remarks, and suggestions, but I know the criticism will be jarring. That’s the way it goes, and it’s the only way I will get better at this thing called writing a novel!

Stick with me! This is not an easy task. I appreciate all the advice and nice words. It keeps ink my pen!! Hmm…. I wonder how many red pens I will have to buy??

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