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One Journey Over, Another One Begins

The journey of keeping my book to myself is now over. After three personal edits, “Amelia” is now in a professional editor’s hands.  Making the decision to stop editing on my own and finally handing it over to a professional wasn’t easy. The comfort zone of being in my own writing world is over. Now, someone else is diving into that world with me.

I believe that vulnerability is the road to growth. If I want to grow as an author, I need to have an open, learning mind. Having the eyes and knowledge of a professional editor is exactly what will take my book to another level.  Yes, it’s scary to have an open kimono. It’s like saying, “Please, tell me the flaws of my writing”, but seeing my manuscript in a whole new light is wonderful! I’ve spent the last three years developing, writing, and being inside this story. It’s hard to step in and out of it , and not get jaded at some point. By the time I wrote the last sentence, I was exhausted. Then, I dove into editing it, and editing it, and editing it. By this point, I’m so very thankful for fresh, professional eyes!

I have so much to learn in this part of my journey. After viewing the edits from Rebecca Faith Editorial, I see the opportunity to grow my novel into something bigger and better than I had ever imagined. Going into the editing process, I didn’t realize what role an editor would take other than “fixing” my wrongs. Now I see it’s a relationship, not a transaction.  A great editor should encourage your story, and not change it. They should show you enhancements and changes, without making you feel inadequate. Rebecca does just that, and I look forward to learning from her.  **By the way, I speak of Rebecca because I like and respect her, not because she asked me too.**

I’ve realized that editing will take longer than I had expected.  I need to expand the book, and develop deeper characterization and plot. I’ve always said that I didn’t know how many words a book should have, but  now I do. What’s exciting is that I get to dive deeper into the story of  “Amelia”.  From here on out, each edit will allow me to grow as an author, and will allow my reader to know more about the characters and story. It’s a win-win situation! I grow, the book grows, and the readers get more!

Here’s how I look at this editing journey: “Amelia” is my baby and I wrote the story with heart, love, and commitment. Now, I need to make sure it’s complete, healthy, and ready to enter the world.  Creating, writing, and editing a novel is very intense, and as a reader, you wouldn’t want it any other way. I respect my will-be readers, and for me to get respect back, this process is crucial.

I will keep you updated as I grow and edit. Please give me your thoughts. I would love to know if you ever think about what authors go through to give you a finished novel.  Thank you for reading and I look forward to making “Amelia” a fun read for you!

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