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A New Mental Me

Yes. I know. It’s been a while and I have no reasons or excuses. I just haven’t blogged. Period.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, let me dive into what’s rumbling through my mind. I’m going to go deep with this post, so just hang with me.

The last six months have been rather reflective for me. It’s hard to explain with out seeming cliche, or maybe even silly, and I’m not trying to be cool or jump on some sort of inspirational bandwagon. It’s simple. I was tired of having a clouded mind that, over time, made me a bit callous. It wasn’t I was necessarily being that way towards others, but more so to myself.

Let me make something clear before I go on. I’m  a happy person. Nothing bad is going on in my life. This has everything to do with me –what’s inside– a personal journey to clearer, happier thinking. It’s about how I’ve  learned to let go of the small things in order to make room for all the things that truly matter.

People say to be open-minded towards others, but I’m learning that being open-minded with yourself is just as important. When you find yourself in a rut, or thinking negatively, it’s important to allow yourself to try new approaches in order to find a new path.

Life goes by so fast, and yes, as you get older, it goes by even faster. Each day piles on top of the one before, and the one before that, and the one before that, and so on… Before you know it, your mind is clouded, dirty, muddled, and jaded from everything going on in your life, and for that matter, what’s going on in everyone else’s life around you. This is when your emotions get higher and you can be harsh and/or  sensitive for unexplained reasons. Anger may fill you and you don’t even realize it. Your happiness is duller, and you’re not as joyous as you should be, even though wonderful things are happening around you and to you. You’re missing out on what you’re truly feeling because you haven’t purged what’s unneeded and useless. Why hang onto things that are only taking up space and not serving a purpose?

Letting go of the unnecessary has been such a freeing experience for me. It’s felt so good to purge negative, useless thoughts on a daily basis, instead of yearly (or never). I’m trying my best not to over-complicate and overthink every single thing that happens to me or those around me. I’m usually a fixer/helper, so I’ve always voiced my opinions before taking a step back and listening first. I’m working hard on having a bigger ear than a bigger voice.

Negativity and bitterness is poison. Yes, bad things happen, and things can’t always be a field of roses, but when you turn sour because you have no more sweet left inside of you, your life will automatically become a field of weeds. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to get rid of what may be dragging you down. Simplifying and cleaning the mind opens the heart, which makes it easier to handle the heavy loads that life dumps on us.

You may want to know what I do daily to achieve the “new mental me”, so here it is:

* A new day actually starts the night before, so each night, before I go to bed, I take 5 long, deep breaths in and out, and I get rid of any negative/useless thoughts that may have crept  in throughout the day.

* I start each day with 5 long, deep breaths in and out, and bring in positive thoughts and/or goals for the day.

* I do 30 minutes of  relaxing yoga poses.

* At some point in the day, I do some sort of heart-pumping exercise for at least 30 minutes.

* I read something each day that enlightens or teaches me something new.

* I write (of course).

* I eat right.

* I love those important to me out loud and I tell them how much I appreciate them.

So, there you have it. It’s not complicated, but it does take being aware and conscious of what you allow into your world and what you need to let out of your world. Self-awareness is powerful.

Before wrapping this up, I need to say that backing away from the negative people in my life was also imperative. Why would I do all of these positive things and keep negative, noisy people in my life? That would be counter-productive.

Thanks for letting me share this, and if you have some things you do that brings you clarity and happiness, please share them. I’d love to learn what works for you.

Until next time…




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