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Growing via Editing

It’s been a long time since my last post. I could have bored you with updates, but it would have been way too repetitive.  I have finished my first edit and I have started the second. The first one went longer than I thought it would, but honestly, I have no idea how long it “normally” takes to edit. There are many factors that come into play and, in my opinion, the hours that are put in are what matter the most. I could have finished much sooner if I had dedicated more time each day. That’s a personal flaw, and I’m working on it.

It used to be a struggle to keep my book in the forefront of my mind, but not anymore. It’s always there, especially now that I’m so close to stepping my toes, better yet, both feet,  into the self-publishing world.  My focus has strengthened tremendously and seeing the book improve, grow, and change through the editing process is a motivator that I didn’t expect. I should have known that editing would draw me deeper into my own book, but not knowing this, is  just the nativity of begin a novice writer. Learning these types of things is the reason I’m going on the this journey of writing. I have not only seen my book grow, but I have seen myself grow in a way that I never expected.

So, the next thing to mark off the to-do list is the second edit. I hope it will move along faster than the first. After that, I will send my manuscript to a professional to critique and edit the book, and through lots of research, I have a company in mind that I would like to use. That’s when things get exciting. Knowing my manuscript will be in professional hands is a feeling I can not describe. I think only people who have been there, done that, can understand. I look forward, with anxiousness, to this “fingers-crossed” feeling. The questions that go through my head are normal, but annoying, “What if it sucks? What if I’m fooling myself? Is this book marketable? Is it too simple?”,  and on and on and on. Here’s my comeback to that, at least I’m putting myself out there! There are many people that never allow their dreams to become goals, much less, accomplish those goals because of their fear of rejection. I choose NOT to be one of those people.  Period.

Keep in mind, when you are reading a book, the author has, most likely, gone through writing hell to get that book in your hands.  It’s not an easy writing road. I love the curves, bumps, yield signs, and stop signs, and that’s what makes me a writer. There is no journey worth traveling without all the obstacles!

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