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Meh… It’s Only 50,000 Words

Wow, I can’t believe Autumn is already here. Normally, when I think of this time of year, I think of foliage, sweatshirts, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc… but this year, all I can think of is that little thing I said I’d do this November. It doesn’t seem right that it’s already here, but it is, and I’m still going to go through with it. I’ve never done anything like this and I’ve never challenged myself to such an extent, which makes doing this very important.

NaNoWriMo, such a fun thing to say, and when I tell people I’m doing it, they give me a sideways look, and say, “Uh? What’s that?” So, for all of you who may not know, let me quickly tell you. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write a book with 50,000 words or more beginning at midnight on November 1st and ending at midnight on November 30th.  You can outline, plot, and plan before then, but shouldn’t write any prose until November 1st (that’s what the website suggests). From what I gather, some writers/authors use existing works in progress, but I’m choosing to start a new book.

FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS IN ONE MONTH!! It took me well over a year to write my first draft of Amelia, which was 53, 072 words. What makes me think I can do this? Well, I’m not real sure I can, but I do know I’m going to try my hardest. I have a wonderful support system in my husband, friends, family, and my writing community. I’m also more excited than I am nervous, which I hope, will carry me through.

As of yesterday, I’ve stopped working on Amelia, and I’m beginning to scratch out notes and pull together ideas for NaNo. I should’ve started this a couple of months ago, but I needed to get Amelia past a certain point before stopping it for a while. Nonetheless, I’ve been giving mind-time to the stories I may want to write. There are two I’m going back and forth with and I’m not sure which one will be the right one for such an undertaking. One story will be a bit easier for me to write and the other will be completely out of my comfort zone and not in my normal genre. I’d love to give the hardest one a shot, but I don’t want to put so much in my basket that I set myself up for failure from the get-go. I’ll know more once I get further into my plotting and planning.

My setting for accomplishing this feat will be prime. In the beginning, I’ll have two of my lovely writer friends, Jennifer Gracen and Janelle Jensen, coming to Vermont to kick off NaNoWriMo with a bang! By the way, Karen DeLabar, we still have our fingers crossed that you can come too! After they leave me, I’ll stay in my wonderful, writing haven and write like I’ve never written before… from morning to night… from night to morning. I will have no boundaries and nothing will stop me. I WILL DO THIS!

So, let the ideas come. Let the planning begin. One month and 5 days to write off!!

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Yes, The Journey Is Long, But It’s Worth It

I feel bad I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’ve been on a roll with Amelia, and I think it’s important to stay focused on my WIP (work in progress) as much as possible.  I’m certain you all understand.

So, where am I with Amelia? I’m on chapter eleven , which is a transition chapter, the hardest for me to write. Making sure the transition is smooth is always difficult, and keeping it exciting, is even more of a challenge. Normally, I sit on it and think about it way too long, but I think that’s just a way for me to procrastinate.

I’ve blogged about procrastination before, and I could probably blog about it ten more times, but I won’t. Instead, I want to explore a question someone asked me recently:

“How do you work on the same book for so long?”

At first, I thought it was a rude question, but after thinking about it a little longer, it’s a valid question. I’ve asked myself the same question many times, but to have someone else ask me, is a little different.

My answer? Here’ it is:

First and foremost, I love the story I’m writing. Yes, the story’s changed MULTIPLE times, but that’s just a part of the process. It doesn’t matter how many times the story changes, you have to love what you’re writing. What’s the point, otherwise?

Second, my characters. I love them. They’re real and a part of me. They tell me the story I should write and listening to them is the most important thing I do as a writer.

The last thing that keeps me focused and writing Amelia is all the lovely people out there encouraging and supporting me. There’s nothing more exciting than hearing, “I can’t wait to read your book.” Then, there’s the most encouraging words ever, “You can do it!” — And you know what? I can and I will!!

I’ve learned not to dwell on how long it takes me to finish and I try my best to only  concentrate on those things that will make the story everything it should be. Yes, it’s great to have goals and deadlines, and I’m slowly learning how to be effective at setting them. In the meantime, I’ll just keep writing, making sure I keep the love of the story number one on my list!

It’s not about how long it takes to write the story, it’s about the journey and where you allow it to take you.

Until next time…

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