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Nose to Nose and Ears to Help Hear

Nose to Nose and Ears to Help Hear? 

What the heck does that mean?

Let me explain. (By the way, we sometimes refer to our dogs as W & C)

My oldest dog, Winston, is deaf. Like, can’t hear a damn thing, deaf. Over the years, he’s let Churchill, our youngest, be his ears. When C barks at a noise, paces back and forth, Winston follows him closely to see what’s up. It’s pretty darn cute to watch.

Of course, Churchill has no clue Winston can’t hear. Hence him giving Winston a subtle growl when W gets too close while he’s eating. If only C knew Winston is completely clueless to the warning.  Winston barges in on the dinner bowl like he’s king of the world… and Churchill continues to try to be a hotshot with his guttural growls. Again, pretty darn cute to watch.

Since Winston has gone deaf, he does two things louder–bark and snore.

I assume he barks louder because he can’t hear himself bark. Who knows. I’m just guessing. He also barks more, but at his age, him barking and being active is a blessing, so I try to ignore it.

Now, his snoring, I can’t ignore it. I have to try to sleep through it. For those who are friends with me on Facebook,  I’ve posted some videos that kinda-sorta give a sense of what I’m talking about, but here lately, his snores have only gotten louder and squeakier. Yeah, it can be funny, but there are times when it can be a little scary. Since he doesn’t get disrupted by sound, he sleeps super hard and deep, and his breathing can become fast and erratic with dreams and snores. My (dog) mommy ears kick in, I wake up, and then wake him up. Sometimes, it takes a few shakes, and kisses on the nose, before he comes out of it, and licks me. By the way, I’ve talked to his vet about this and she says it’s normal for deaf dogs and not to worry too much.

The rare moment when W starts breathing weird, and I don’t wake up (like this morning), Churchill wakes me, then literally gets on top of Winston, and puts his nose up to his brother’s nose. I have no doubt he’s trying to make sure W’s okay. There are times Churchill’s nose against Winston’s is enough to wake W and I’m not needed. What a great little brother.



Churchill looking up to Winston.

I’ve been thinking about this all day.

We should all have a Churchill (or five) in our life. Someone to put their nose up to ours when we need to wake up or we’re acting (feeling) “off”. Heck, sometimes, we may need someone to be our ears, just like C is for W. Someone to guide us, help us, give us what we need most.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned who those people are for me–different personalities, different strengths, different things to give, different things to offer–just the way it should be.

I’m so very grateful for all my many Churchills. You listen to me. You listen for me. You cover me with love and attention when I need it the most. Thank you.

Who are your Churchills? Thank them. Love them. Let them know you appreciate them.

Until next time…













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Love is love is love… Period.

While holding hands, two people face each other, both with tears in their eyes. One takes a deep breath, then releases it, trying to contain all the emotions inside. Finally, these words are spoken:

I love you with all my heart and all my soul. When you came into my life, my world became a brighter, happier place. With you standing here in front of me, I know what true love feels like. With you standing here– by my side, holding my hand, loving me unconditionally– I am 100% complete. I can’t imagine my life without you. I can’t imagine not having you hold me when I’m sad or upset, telling me everything’s going to be okay. I can’t imagine not having you in my life to share my passions, my happiness, my fears, my goals, and most importantly, my love. I promise to love you, honor you, and be there for you through anything and everything life may bring our way. Today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life, I love you.

After wiping tears away, the other softly speaks these words, barely keeping it together:

I love you with all my heart and all my soul. What would I do without you? I had all but given up on finding my other half, the one who would accept all my flaws, my broken past, my tattered and torn heart. When you walked into my life, I began to heal. I began to see that true love does exist. Your honest and pure love changed me forever, and for that, I’ll always be grateful. My life is better with you in it. My heart is fuller because you have filled it. Thank you for your true, unconditional love. I promise to  love you, honor you, and be there for you through anything and everything life may bring our way. Today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life, I love you.

They seal their vows with a kiss and are pronounced married by the officiant.

With huge smiles filling their faces, and as tears of happiness fall down, they turn to their family and friends, and begin their life together.

design (1)

When words, vows, and expressions of love are real, true, and unequivocal– the gender of the two people are irrelevant. It’s two souls, hearts, and lives coming together out of a loving place and that’s all that matters. Let’s celebrate those who want to be together. Let’s honor people who want to honor each other. Let’s not deny any two people the right to spend their life together and their right to bind it by the laws of marriage.

Every single person should be with the one they love. Period.

Until next time…


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A Special Umbrella

This past weekend, my husband and I were out of town, so my parents stayed at our house and kept our dogs. When we got back, there was an umbrella on my counter with this note on it.

FullSizeRender (4)

If you read my Sweet Memories and Saying Goodbye post, you may remember my nana loved umbrellas. She had a drawer full of them. When I saw the umbrella on my kitchen counter, it brought tears to my eyes and I smiled the biggest smile. Who knew an umbrella could cause such emotion. It’s the most colorful, pretty umbrella I own. I absolutely love it.

FullSizeRender (3)

Standing out with its bright colors, it now hangs amongst my other umbrellas. Every time I walk by my front door, and see it hanging there, I smile a loving smile, and a fun memory of my sweet Nana fills me. I have tears in my eyes now just thinking of how Nana is looking down, loving the fact one of her many umbrellas is in plain view, adding beauty to a piece of my furniture– a very special umbrella, indeed.

FullSizeRender (5)

I love and miss you, Nana!

Until next time…

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You Are Enough

Here’s quick inspiration for anyone who needs it.

We can be our own worst enemy. We tend to compare ourselves to others and think we aren’t good enough. We are way too hard on ourselves and put ourselves down.  We have to STOP!  Self deprecation will only hinder us from being our best. Yes, it’s good to be aware of our flaws–to always be improving–but we should never let ourselves get in the way of our own journey.

design (1)

Being authentic means loving ourselves so we can be genuine with others.

Know you are enough, just the way you are.

Until next time…

Everyday meditation:

Love life. Be Kind. Be genuine. Eliminate the negative, false, and vain. Peace, love, and happiness to all. 

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The Boys

Today I want to give a shout out to all the fur-babies who bring us so much joy and give us unconditional love.

My boys, Winston and Churchill, make me laugh out loud at least once a day. It’s either Winston who loves to bark until someone gives him the attention he wants or it’s Churchill prancing around, giving a show with his ability to throw and catch his toys all on his own–no need for human help. They both greet us with dances and barks each time we come in the door, even if we’ve only been gone fifteen minutes.

Not only do they make me laugh, but they warm my heart when I need it the most. Their ability to know when I’m not feeling good, sad, or just having an off day never seizes to amaze me. They snuggle up next to me at just the right moments, and make me smile, even when I don’t think it’s possible to do so.



Winston has been by my side for fourteen years and has gotten me through a lot of tough times and sat in the front seat of my car for many moves. But, no doubt, has made all the good times even better. Since he’s older, he doesn’t play all that much, but he sure can race to the door when it’s potty time, giving Churchill a little competition. He sleeps a lot, which includes a lot of snoring. He’s deaf, so communication has turned into doggie sign language, which he understands without issue. He gives sweet sugar, but without fail, always manages to get one lick up the nose. He loves the wind. He’ll stand in the same spot for as long as you let him with his nose in the air, feeling the wind run through his hair. The other thing that brings Winston pure joy and happiness–his daddy! His personality is full-on when Chris walks in the door. He won’t leave his side and whines when he’s not in the room. Winston doesn’t get his feelings hurt too easily. I can point at him for doing something I don’t like, and he’ll stop doing it, but won’t care at all that he got in trouble. He’s always care-free and in his own little world. Because of his age, and Cushing’s disease, he grunts, groans, and pants quite a bit, but still has a lot of feistiness left in him, which makes me happy to see.



We got Churchill right after we got married, so we’ve had him for almost eight years. He’s our show dog. His prance, no doubt, could win a competition. He flings out his paws and sways his backend with precision. He’s a competitive little boy–he has to be the first up the stairs, the first in the door, and the first to the treat bowl. But, strangely, he doesn’t like to be given the first treat. He likes for Winston to get his first, then he likes for me to throw his in the air so he can catch it. If I throw the first one at him, he’ll just stare at it as it hits the floor. The second one, he catches without fail. As I pointed out earlier, he’ll play and play and play and play without much assistance from anyone. He likes for us to throw the ball, but he’ll run around throwing it up in the air and catching it all on his own. Churchill is also our sensitive little boy. If I fuss at him, he’ll tuck his tail, go the bedroom, curl up on the bed, and pout. He shakes at any odd sound. Seriously, it could be a click or a beep on the TV or as strong as thunder–either one will make him shake like a leaf. His best role? He’s a good big brother. Winston uses him as his ears. If Churchill responds to a sound outside or to us asking them if it’s time to go potty, Winston is right at his side. He’s a sweet, sweet boy, who gives the best snuggles.

To sum it up. I love my boys with all my heart. I cherish the joy they bring to my life–the smiles, the laughs, and yes, the tears (when they’re sick and not feeling well). They are gifts who enrich my life.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” — Roger Caras

I think that quote works for any pet, not just dogs.

So, lets give our pets some extra lovin’ and maybe an extra treat or two today. Let’s whisper “thank you” in their little (or big) ears for bringing so much happiness to our lives.

Churchill looking up at Winston

Churchill looking up at Winston

Until next time…

Everyday meditation:

Love life. Be Kind. Be genuine. Eliminate the negative, false, and vain. Peace, love, and happiness to all. 


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Love Your Soul. Grow Your Soul.

As I sit here, sipping my second cup of hot tea, I’m trying my best to pull out of my fuzzy, clouded brain a subject to write about for my #MondayBlogs post. Nothing sounds good, interesting, inspirational, helpful. I was going to write about my next phase of editing, but that wasn’t speaking to me either. Then, I look down at my Yogi tea message, and I found my topic.



My first thought is, “What a beautiful inspiration.”

My second thought is, “Do I love my soul?”

That’s a loaded question. I had to have a third cup of tea to think about it.

My soul– The sum of who I am. The complete moral and emotional nature of myself. The totality and deepest part of me.

My answer is, “Yes, I do love my soul.” That being said, there’s always room to improve my soul– who I am.

What makes a beautiful soul?

*Being thoughtful

*Being open

*Being kind

*Being honest

*Being grateful

*Being forgiving

*Being encouraging

*Being loving

Gracious… being all of that, all of the time, is hard– practically impossible. As the saying goes, “NO ONE IS PERFECT”. But having true intent to be, and aspiring to be, those things listed above makes a huge difference.

It’s about being authentic and genuine to others and yourself.

It’s about loving and embracing those things that are the hardest to grasp, those things that may even bring you distress, disappointment, rejection, and pain.

It’s about respecting others even when they’re not on the same side of the fence as you (there all types of fences).

It’s about stepping away from gossip and being disparaging toward others.

It’s about respecting yourself even when you feel you’re not at your best.

It’s about learning and growing from the things that life throws at you, instead of playing the blame game.

It’s about giving yourself and time to others when you don’t feel like it.

It’s about having kind words and a kind heart even when someone provokes your anger.

It’s about loving yourself.

So, I say, not only love your soul, but grow your soul. Alway be open to changing those things that will improve the deepest part of you. Embrace being the best you, you can be. Embrace finding and being your best soul.

Until next time…

Everyday meditation:

Love life. Be Kind. Be genuine. Eliminate the negative, false, and vain. Peace, love, and happiness to all. 

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No Rain. No Rainbow.

Hard times– whether it be illness, emotional stress, death/grief, financial issues, work problems, family discord– we’ve all gone through them.

Everyone deals with difficult times in different ways. Some clam up, some express themselves, some get angry, some cry, some do all the above.

Me? I tend to clam up and go to my quiet place. I hold my worries close and hardly ever share them. This is just the way I am. I used to think I was wrong for the way I deal with hard, worrisome times. I allowed people’s opinion of how I should handle things affect my process. This is no longer the case. I’ve learned to embrace my personal journey through difficult times.

Everyone has a right to their own way of dealing with life. Sometimes, things get so hard–so difficult–that expression is buried and words are scarce. But it’s during these times when we see who cares. Who reaches out. Who notices your pain. Who puts aside their own life to care about yours. When you feel the need to clam up, yet someone asks, “Are you okay?” Man, those three little words reach deep into the soul. You may not be ready to answer or talk about your troubles, but as cliché as it sounds, it’s the thought that matters most.

I have some awesome friends and family and I want to thank them for being there for me, especially the last six months or so. Some know the struggles, and some, maybe not so much, but you’ve reached out and let me know you’re there when I need you. Thank you.


I’ve learned so much about myself over the last year or so. Knowing what to let go of, and what to take in, has been so important and eye-opening.

Ego. Vanity. Roughness. Loudness. Selfishness. Shallowness. The need for approval. These are the things I try to rid myself of.

Peace. Love. Understanding. Softness. Gratefulness. Inner strength. Growth. These are the things I strive for.

We all fall. We all fail. We are imperfect beings. But what we set out to achieve and become is set forth by our deliberate intentions.

Yes, hard times are overwhelming and exhausting, but they are also character-building and a time to learn. More importantly, they are temporary. Keep your head up. Put a smile on your face. Put one foot in front of the other and try to move forward. It’s not easy, but every positive step is better than moving backwards.

Never feel bad about who you are and what you’re going through. Stay true to yourself and rise above.

Sending you all love and peace.

Until next time…


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